1. Mr. Anshul Tiwari (Co-ordinator- Project Mehak,Co-ordinator- Project Vasundhara ) 

2. Mr. Ayushmaan Dev Murari (Co-ordinator- Project Mehak)

3. Mr. Saurabh Ranjan (Co-ordinator- Project Mehak)

4. Ms. P. Devi ( Co-ordinator- Programme SAATH)

5. Mr. Ashraf Ali (B.Tech, Faculty- Project Mehak)

6. Mr. Sanjay Kumar (B.Tech, Faculty- Project Vasundhara)

7. Mr. Pallav Goyal ( B.Tech - IIT Kanpur)

8. Mr. Abhishek Chhaterjee ( B.Tech- IIT Guwahati)

9. Mr. Rishabh Malhotra ( B.Tech - IIT Delhi )

10. Md. Afzal Khan (Co-ordinator- Project Akanksha)

11 Mr. Chhavindra Tripathi (B.Tech, Faculty- Project Mehak)

12 Mr. Piyush Jain (B.Tech, Faculty- Project Mehak)

If we have the same Dream to make Indian Students develop then we have to walk on a common path & it would be much better to walk together rather than alone. Combining our efforts can make our dream easier to achieve. To build a strong nation which is only possible when our youth is also strong and intellectually powerful we all have to combine our energies towards their development.

We welcome individuals and group to share our dream and effort. Any type of association like Technological, Educational , Financial or Motivational ; part time , full time or during weekends is welcome. Please contact us and tell us about the contribution You would like to make. Not only we but the whole humanity would have appreciation for you.

Volunteer with us